Terabytes Ahead.

Do you know how much data your listeners consume on mobile streaming each month? Most of this is probably due to the high audio quality, which you and your listeners don’t want to compromise, of course.

So you can’t save data and stream in high quality at the same time? With the xHE-AAC codec from well-known AAC family of Fraunhofer IIS, Germany, you can! At the same time, Google’s new Android 9 “Pie" brings this technology natively to all of its current devices. Time for a data revolution in mobile audio streaming – with xHE-AAC transcoding services from radiohost!

What is xHE-AAC?

Outstanding sound quality for speech and music from 16 kbit/s – this is the latest member of the well-known AAC family from Fraunhofer IIS Erlangen, Germany. The codec promises data-efficient streaming at low bit rates in incredible quality.

Android 9 to the World

The latest version of Google’s mobile operating system Android (Version 9 “Pie") includes the xHE-AAC decoder natively. Users of this version can therefore receive xHE-Audio without additional software – and this is only the beginning of the worldwide spread of this technology.

Our Services

Avoid the purchase of expensive xHE Standalone Encoders and let the professionals of radiohost.de manage streaming and transcoding for you! We use your existing MP3 signal to transcode it into xHE-AAC and make it available to you – as a final stream or signal to distribute it on your own.

less data consumption than average MP3 streams


average monthly data savings per user in GB


less stream breaks when driving a car


Our plans

  • Transcoding to xHE-AAC
  • 2 xHE quality levels per radio station
  • Transcoding an external signal to xHE-AAC
  • 1 xHE quality level per radio station
  • Fallback in case of external source failure
  • Transcoding an external signal to xHE-AAC
  • 2 xHE quality levels per radio station
  • Fallback in case of external source failure
  • € 200 voucher for Android < 9.0 development

Prices are monthly prices plus 19% German VAT.